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Guitarist Danny Heines belongs to an eclecticgeneration of
musicians who've been exposed to jazz, rock, classicaland world
music and are trying to find their own voice that fusesthese
elements together. You can hear the success of that fusion onDanny
Heines' latest CD, WHAT WORLDS THEY BRING. It's ameticulously
crafted album, much of which is based on easternEuropean folk songs
that Heines learned from Russian singer IrinaMikhailova. Heines
turns rustic songs like "Vir Vir" and "I Thought it was Raining"
into ecstatic vocal excursionswith Irina's wild voice soaring over
talking drums, bansuri flutesand Heines's guitar. Singer Tina Malia
brings an ethereal tone toHeines' self-penned "Six Picture Dream"
while Vicki Randleintones his "Bending Lament."
But it's not all singers.Heines' guitar is front and center,
sideways and backwards on trackslike "Fly Bird Fly" and "The
Loneliest Monk." Hesounds like multiple players as he orchestrates
his 10-fingeredorchestra with an intricate sound. His duet with
tabla player TyBurhoe on "Singing with Gargoyles" is an enveloping
mazeas Heines interweaves the melody. You can also hear Danny
Heines'Tuvan throat singing and bansuri flute playing on a couple
Danny Heines has been recording for over 15 years, but What Worlds
They Bring
is his definitive statement.
                                                                    -JohnDiliberto, Echoes

As a World music entry, this original collectionof songs
highlights the talents of guitarist Danny Heines. There are13
selections. The titles of the CD collection are "VirVir," "What Worlds
They Bring," the imaginative andcaptivating "Singing With Gargoyles,"
" The LoneliestMonk" (a tribute to pianist/composer Thelonious Monk),
"Dance in Tanzania," "Sketchy in Spain," "BendingLament," among others.
" I Thought It Was Raining" isunusual in its harmony and expression, and
a song which will attractmany jazz listeners.
WHAT WORLDS THEY BRING has a pensive,imaginative sound, one
that will be pleasing to those who enjoyWorld music with jazz motifs.
This is a fine recording, one thatwill find a receptive audience among many
groups. Michael Manringplays a superb bass.

A strikingnew release from guitarist Danny Heines,
who merges world musicstyles with his own trademark
sound, adding throat-singing, allmanner of percussion, and guest
appearances from Irina Mikhailova,Tina Malia, Vicki Randle, Kip
Kuepper, Yshara, Michael Manring,& Ty Burhoe. His amazing guitar
playing remains central, fromacoustic to radically innovative, but
with many other elements thisis much more than a guitar CD, as
dazzling as that part is.Fantastic!

                                                     -Lloyd Barde, Backroads Music


Meticulously crafted from graphics to liner notes, Heines work shines
like a bright light on the world music scene, where few are able to
forge cross-cultural fertility and innovation into such a satisfyingly
unified musical vision.    
-The Napra Review



"Heines work shines like a bright light
on theworld music scene."
-The NapraReview

"Danny Heines has been recording
for over 15years, but
What Worlds They Bring
is hisdefinitive statement."

-JohnDiliberto, Echoes

TopTen for 2002 on Echoes 

Charted at #4 in 2002 onthe
International RadioCha

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